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    Mobile Guitar Lessons in Vancouver, BC

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    Class Overview

    For the last 10 years I’ve had the great privilege of teaching guitar to many students here in Vancouver, BC. There is no greater joy than sharing the gift of music and inspiring others to pursue their dreams! I’ve found that in today’s busy city life, the added convenience of a mobile teacher being able to bring their lessons to the student in their own home is a huge benefit. I’m happy to travel anywhere within Vancouver and occasionally in the GVRD to teach, however rates are flexible and take into account travel distance.

    I have several years of experience working with young students (age 8-13). I'm relaxed, friendly and get along great with kids! My students over the years have ranged in age from 8 to over 75, it’s never too late to learn the guitar!

    My lessons are specifically designed to take beginners to the next level. The most effective way to improve your skills is one on one mentorship, and I have the tools to help you succeed as a musician. Whether you are interested in learning how to write and improvise, become a great performer, or just learn your favourite songs, my lessons are tailored specifically to your goals and needs.
    I have been an active writer, performer, studio and touring musician for over 10 years. I've collaborated with a wide variety of local and internationally recognized artists and I am well versed in a range of styles and musical genres. My goal is to inspire you and make the learning process fun!

    Lessons help students to:
    -use effective fingering technique
    -understand basic applications of theory and chord structure
    -easily learn your favourite songs
    -get comfortable with improvisation and song writing
    -learn to solo over chord progressions
    -learn fingerpicking and/or flat picking techniques

    My lessons:

    -I keep a 15 minute buffer between students to make sure you get your full lesson
    -I have a portable recording setup and can record your progress in high quality, as well as teach basic recording and mixing techniques if that is something you're interested in.
    -I provide printed materials for practice and instruction
    -All ages and styles welcome - electric or acoustic

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    Ideally you would have your own guitar.

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