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Hello! I’m Elliot

I’ve taught thousands of music lessons over the past 15 years. I enjoy teaching and customizing lessons depending on the student’s interests.

I am knowledgable about and have taught a wide variety of musical styles. My specialty is guitar and bass in popular and rock music. I also teach beginner and intermediate piano, and I also have a good amount of knowledge of blues, jazz, rock, funk, and folk styles, and some classical.

I have strong music theory and ear training skills, which I am able to explain and teach. I am able to learn music by ear quickly, so if a student comes to the lesson with a song they are itching to learn, I’m often able to listen to the song and then teach it right away!

With my experience recording both myself and others for years, I’m also able to help students that are interested in digital recording and production in programs such as Logic, Garage Band and Ableton.

Since 2010 I have been on faculty at the annual WCAMS Summer Music Camp, where I taught group beginner guitar lessons to adults and youth, as well as leading a sing-a-long session. I have also coached numerous Youth Pop/Rock Groups, helping young musicians learn to work as an ensemble, and learning to perform pop and rock songs together as a band.

I obtained a Diploma in Jazz Studies from Capilano College in 2005 and a Bachelors of Applied Music from Vancouver Community College in 2009.

Studios I’ve taught at in the past include Deep Cove Music, Creativ Music, Long and McQuade, Tom Lee Music, The White Rock Academy of Music and Dance, and Staccato Studios.

I am available to teach out of my home studio in Hastings Sunrise in Vancouver and occasionally out of a studio in Kitsilano. I may also be able to come to student’s home. Please contact me if you are interested in lessons to discuss scheduling and rates.

Here are some testimonials from former students:

Julian (student from ages 10-18): “I took guitar lessons from Elliot for 8 years and it was a true pleasure. The way he catered the lessons to my tastes in music was awesome and his infectious passion for guitar certainly rubbed off on me. I thoroughly enjoyed his classes, you end up learning a lot and his methods are very relaxed and patient. Elliot gave me the knowledge and skills I need to pursue guitar on my own, you’re missing out if you don’t take lessons from him!”

Melanie: “I’ve been taking guitar lessons from Elliot for a year now. Elliot is great. No matter what you’re wanting to learn, he’s able to adapt the lessons to tailor your needs. It’s great working with Elliot because he makes every lesson fun, he is flexible with dates and times, and he is always so enthusiastic. I don’t think he ever has a bad day.”

Olivier (age 10): “Elliot is a good teacher, for he is funny and able to teach well. He’s fun to be with and allows you to make choices on what you learn. He teaches technique, songs and chords.”

Mark: “Elliot has been my guitar and piano teacher for 1 year. Elliot is friendly, patient and accommodating. He is a very talented player and teacher. Elliot seamlessly incorporates music theory into each of my lessons and keeps it interesting and fun. At the end of each lesson, I feel a sense of accomplishment.”

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