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Building a better community

Clascity is more than just a skill sharing platform. It's a community, where students can become teachers and teachers can become students. It’s a space, where your desire to keep learning and thirst for knowledge is satisfied.

Systems and features to help you succeed

Skill-Sharing can be difficult. As fellow teachers and students, we’ve ensured you have all the necessary tools to make your mentoring and learning efficient.

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Unlimited teaching opportunities

Teach literally anything, whether it is sports, music, art, language, or a trick you think people can benefit from.

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One time hassle-free class creation

With Clascity, you don’t have to repost your class listing or update your status regularly. Your class and profile will be available to view for all students at any time.

Set your schedule, we’ll handle the rest

Only available for a limited period of time within the week? No Problem! Prepare your schedule to best suit your needs, all activities are made visible at a glance.

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Easy scheduling

Any rescheduling that occur, our system will automatically notify you and update your calendar.

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Payments made simple

Any student cancellation, you can count on us to handle any payment issues.

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Well-organized curriculum

No need to wonder what you’ll be teaching or learning in each session. Clascity allows you to plan your class ahead of time.

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Progress tracking

Our system automatically reminds teachers to provide feedback once a session is over. So, both parties can track the progress and adjust accordingly.

Sign up effortlessly in minutes

Whether you’re looking to make some extra income, brush up your skills, or meet like-minded people, we encourage you to give Clascity a try!