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    Private Voice & Piano Lesson (White Rock)

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    Class Overview

    Reserve your Fall 2019 spot for private voice and piano lessons in South Surrey with an experienced, classically-trained and award-winning teacher! Visit

    Private voice lessons are best suited for students age 9+. Students will embark on a journey of developing their voice, reaching goals and growing their confidence and love for music. Through innovative, exciting and fun teaching methods, students will learn about vocal health, performance techniques and styles and methods for singing. Styles of music taught include classical, musical theatre, jazz, pop, gospel/Christian and more.

    Beginner piano lessons are best suited for students age 8+. Students will learn the basic skills, techniques and knowledge for learning piano through fun and exciting methods that leave students encouraged and enthusiastic about music and learning. Students will also learn basic theory to better understand and apply music knowledge.

    For students interested in festival competitions, Sarah will guide them in preparing pieces and teaching performance skills through unique tools, techniques, and methods.

    For students interested in Royal Conservatory of Music examinations, Sarah will prepare students for two (or more) terms in either voice (up to grade 10) or piano (up to grade 6). The lessons will be centered around the examination and will include preparation for the technique, ear training, studies and performance pieces.

    VISIT for prices and more detail! Spots are limited! Reserve yours now!
    “Sarah is an incredible teacher, perfect for anyone who has decided to delve into vocals. She helps set goals and really pays attention to each student. Always professional and supportive of the student’s needs. She’s constantly pushing students to believe in themselves and helps gain confidence, which helps in all aspects of life. As a parent of a child who has been taking lessons of all sorts for years, she has definitely been one of the best and made the most positive impact ”

    10 Years old and above


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