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    Class Overview

    Learn how to play FLAMENCO GUITAR or/and... FLAMENCO UKULELE!

    You will learn to play every "Traditional Flamenco Technique" and many "Traditional Flamenco Rhythms and Songs".

    Learn how to play "Soleá, Bulerias, Alegrias, Fandangos, Rumbas" and much more!

    Learn how to play as a "Soloist", or "For a Dancer" and/or "For the Singer".

    Teaching method is adapted according to the student.

    You can learn Guitar/Ukulele from ZERO.

    Choose your lesson to be in person or online (Zoom) or at your door!.

    Very Flexible schedule

    Option to have lesson in English or Spanish

    10 Years old and above



    If you don't have or can't bring your Guitar/Ukulele we can provide one for the lesson.

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