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    Physics, Maths, Electronics and Programming tutor

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    Class Overview

    I am currently working as a Senior Data Scientist after graduating from University of Toronto with a Masters degree (3.94/4.00 GPA)

    I charge $75/hour for both projects and in-person tutoring. The first hour/ consultation session is free. In addition to regular weekly sessions, I am also available for intensive tutoring sessions in the days leading up to the exam. I can teach students on a one-to-one basis and answer any additional questions online (Skype or email) free of charge. I have tutored 25 students for University exams in Physics, Maths, Electronics and Programming over the past 8 years. I have also helped students for their GRE prep for MIT & Rotman admission. I am also familiar with Management Consulting Case Interview prep Depending on the student's need, I set them homework problems with varying levels of difficulty. I have several books for each subject and so the questions I set will cover a range of different ideas.

    I am a easy-going guy who likes to watch films,listen to music,exercise and play competitive sports. I enjoy Table Tennis and Cricket

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