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    Private Tutor with excellent academic background and skills!

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    Class Overview

    I am a University of Toronto graduate with M.Sc. degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and B.Sc. degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. I will travel to your home for one-on-one tutoring. Private Tutor with excellent academic background and teaching skills!

    I have over 4 years of experience in teaching various high school courses such as Math (Grade9-12 including Advanced Functions & Calculus), Science (Grade 9-12), Chemistry, Physics & Biology (Grade 11-12).

    I started my teaching career as a volunteer tutor at University of Toronto Peer Tutoring (UTPT)program.

    During my graduate degree, I have obtained Teaching Fundamental (TF) Certificate at TATP institute at University of Toronto. The TF certificate program helps participants on effective teaching strategies and techniques to broaden their understanding of how students learn.

    In addition, I have worked as a TA for 2 years and have gained experience teaching undergraduate life science courses and upper year pharmacy courses (both labs and lectures)

    In past, I have conducted one-on-one teaching sessions as well as taught classes with the size of up to 100 students.

    As a tutor,I always apply strategic planning and practice effective study methods to teach complex concepts in a simple manner. During my teaching session,I am always patient and listen to students needs and requirements.

    10 Years old and above

    English, Hindi

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