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    Dr. Ma Chemistry (Organic/General), Physics

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    Class Overview

    Ph.D. in Org. Chem.; Postdoc. at University of California & UofT; AvH research fellow at U. of Kaiserslautern, Germany; Former professor at University of New Brunswick and Seneca College, and a Scientific Leader at a leading pharmaceutical company. 15+ years of instructing experience.

    - With Ph.D. in Org. Chem. & experience in instructing at University of New Brunswick, I have been enjoying one-on-one instructing for 15+ years while working as a Scientific Leader at Apotex Inc.& professor at Seneca College. As a friendly, patient & dedicated professor I have helped numerous students successfully with dramatic improvement of their studies during the past years.

    - For university students I provide full instruction courses for Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry and Physics, and preparation courses for MCAT, DAT, OAT and PCAT. My service includes helping students with quizzes, tests, mid-terms, finals and lab experiment reports.

    - For Grade 11-12 students, I cover High School courses of Chemistry and Physics, and SAT, IB and AP Chemistry/Physics.

    Feel free to contact me to plan your future. My special instructing method allows me to help you improve quickly and significantly.

    Look forward to helping you succeed!

    University Courses:*
    - General Chemistry U1: CHM151Y; U2: CHEM1500, CHEM1000, CHEM1001; U3: 1A03, 1AA3, 1E03, 2E03, 2LA3, 2LB3.
    - Organic Chemistry U1: CHM138H, CHM247S, CHM249S, CHM347F, CHM348F, CHM343S, CHM342F; U2: CHEM2020, CHEM3020; U3: 2OA3, 2OB3, 2OC3, 2OD3, 3D03, 4D03.
    - Physics U1: PHY131H1, PHY132H1, PHY151H1; PHY152H1; U2: PHYS1010, PHYS1070, PHYS1410; U3: 1B03, 1BB3, 1E03, 1L03.
    - Test Preparation: MCAT (Medical College Admission Test), PCAT (Pharmacy College Admission Test), DAT (Dental Admission Test) and OAT (Optometry Admission Test).

    - Calculus, 1st year of university

    * U1: University of Toronto; U2: York University; U3: McMaster University, etc.

    High School Courses:
    - SAT (Chem. & Physics Subjects)
    - AP Chemistry and IB Chemistry
    - Chemistry & Physics Contest
    - Gr. 11-12: Chemistry
    - Gr. 11-12: Physics

    10 Years old and above

    English, Mandarin / Cantonese

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