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    Introduction to Pattern-Making

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    Class Overview

    Kick start your pattern making career or hobby on our beginner-friendly course where you’ll learn the fundamentals of flat pattern making. In this course you will learn to draft a skirt block. You’ll sew together muslin's of the blocks, fit them and learn how to apply fit adjustments to final pattern.

    Duration: 8 weeks (once a week, same day and time for duration)
    Class Size: 8 students (maximum)
    Your Teachers: Colette Moore, Myrna Mendez, Young Jegal
    Classes Start: Monthly

    You'll learn:
    - About the industrial sewing machines and tools you need to set up your shop
    - Speed control
    - Tension and timing on an industrial machine
    - How to handle fabric
    - How to sew leather and heavyweight fabrics
    - How to make samples and improve production speed in order to work with
    production houses and contract stitchers

    If class has three students or less it is considered private and will run 6 weeks
    Buy a homework kit at The Cut, which includes one curved ruler, one straight ruler, a measuring tape and tracing wheel. ($60)

    for more information:

    10 Years old and above


    - Please arrive to class on time - If you’re going to miss class for any reason, please email in advance to let us know. If you fail to report your absence within 24 hours, your class will be considered a missed session and no make up class will be provided You’re permitted one make up class per session, as long as it’s taken within the time frame of your course and as long as a spot becomes available during another class

    Curriculum for this class

    Fundamentals to Pattern-Making - Week 1

    Develop pattern drafting techniques: measuring, drafting accurately, drawing curves, blending, squaring, documenting, trueing, calculating ease, transferring to card. Understand block construction considerations: fabric, ease, function, and sizing. Synthesize fitting: fitting on the body, making adjustments to pattern

    Fundamentals to Pattern-Making - Week 2

    Fundamentals to Pattern-Making - Week 3

    Fundamentals to Pattern-Making - Week 4

    Fundamentals to Pattern-Making - Week 5

    Fundamentals to Pattern-Making - Week 6

    Fundamentals to Pattern-Making - Week 7

    Fundamentals to Pattern-Making - Week 8

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