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    Sew Your Own Pajamas

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    Class Overview

    Sewing expert Ludmila Popova will guide you through all the basics - from the sewing machine and essential tools, to choosing the right materials for your project. You will also learn about patterns, layouts, cutting techniques, pinning, marking methods and much more. You will make pajama bottoms and skills that you can apply to any project. By the end this course, you will have a basic understanding of sewing, and plenty of hands-on experience too.

    Skills you'll learn:
    - operate a sewing machine
    - sewing machine techniques (Plain seam, Basting, Stay stitch, Zigzag hem, Ease, Buttonhole, French seam, Flat-Feld seam, Corner seam and more!)
    - hand sewing (Basting, Backstitch, Cross stitch, Running stitch, Buttonhole stitch, Slipstitch)
    - how to read and adjust a commercial pattern
    - cutting, pinning, marking techniques
    - pressing and ironing techniques
    - fabric construction, type of thread, needles, interfacing

    Projects: Pyjama Pants construction, T-Shirt restyling as a bonus

    Prerequisites: no sewing experience is required but a serious desire to learn a LOT in a short period of time.

    Note: We provide sewing machines, sergers, thread and swatches for in-class exercises. Some notions, handouts are also provided, as well as snacks and beverages. Students will need a basic sewing kit in class and a sewing machine at home to practice.

    Supply fee: $30

    Dates: May 18, 2021 - Jul 6, 2021

    20 Years old and above

    Curriculum for this class

    Sewing Basics - Week 1

    Sewing Basics - Week 2

    Sewing Basics - Week 3

    Sewing Basics - Week 4

    Sewing Basics - Week 5

    Sewing Basics - Week 6

    Sewing Basics - Week 7

    Sewing Basics - Week 8

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