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    Industrial Sewing

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    Class Overview

    Graduate this 8 week course having perfected advanced sewing techniques on industrial machines, including straight stitch

    Duration: 8 weeks
    Same Day Same Time 1X a week for 2 hours
    Class Size: 8 students (maximum)
    Your Teachers: Chay Clayton, Myrna Mendez, Young Jegal
    Classes Start: Monthly

    You'll learn:
    - About the industrial sewing machines and tools you need to set up your shop
    - Speed control
    - Tension and timing on an industrial machine
    - How to handle fabric
    - How to sew leather and heavyweight fabrics
    - How to make samples and improve production speed in order to work with
    production houses and contract stitchers

    Your instructor will structure your work around your skill level, capabilities and preferred pace
    All muslin is included
    Sewing kits and additional fabrics can be purchased at The Cut Fashion Design Academy at wholesale price. (Read more on our FAQ page)
    Classes of three or fewer students are considered private classes. In this instance, you’ll complete all assignments as listed but in six, not eight, weeks

    for more information:

    10 Years old and above


    - Please arrive to class on time - If you’re going to miss class for any reason, please email in advance to let us know. If you fail to report your absence within 24 hours, your class will be considered a missed session and no make up class will be provided You’re permitted one make up class per session, as long as it’s taken within the time frame of your course and as long as a spot becomes available during another class

    Curriculum for this class

    Industrial Sewing - Week 1

    Generate high quality samples showcasing advanced sewing techniques by correctly and accurately using the appropriate sewing tools and machinery. Solve technical difficulties in order to be able to choose the appropriate sewing equipment, tools, aids and accessories.

    Industrial Sewing - Week 2

    Industrial Sewing - Week 3

    Industrial Sewing - Week 4

    Industrial Sewing - Week 5

    Industrial Sewing - Week 6

    Industrial Sewing - Week 7

    Industrial Sewing - Week 8

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    Misty Dawn
    Misty Dawn
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    Owner and Founder at mstydon group

    Liza & the entire team at the cut design academy are some of the most inspirational people I have ever met. I have worked with Liza directly for just about one year now and she has been the most incredible mentor I could ask for. The school is based on true & factual practices that take your career into real life and working with the students there has really shown what they are all capable of. They have launched numerous careers, even aiding in my own business launch. There is such a wealth of knowledge in their academy that anyone would be lucky to even step foot in there, let alone take classes and learn under their talents. If you have the chance - go! Soak up their energy like a sponge! You will never regret a second in their presence.

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