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    Fun Spanish Classes

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    Class Overview

    Listos para aprender o mejorar su español? Are you guys ready to learn or improve your Spanish?

    Do you think you want to learn Spanish but you think it's too hard or too complicated for you? Let me tell you that's not true, it can be easier and more fun than what you can imagine, you only need to take the first step to make it happen

    And since you are here, and you are reading this, most probably is because there's something inside of you that for some reason makes you feel curious about learning Español.

    If you are interested in learning Spanish for different reason for your academic development, family or social reasons; or traveling; We can totally develop and design a program according to your needs and goals. In addition, if you already have experience with this language, we can start working in new skills and improve your current ones.

    Due to Covid-19 restrictions and all the social distance protocols we need to follow, currently I am only tutoring online by video calls. But don't worry about it, I already have adapted this program and method during 2020, so the learning experience and the efficiency will be seamless and very productive.

    At the end of the day, the goal is to make the lessons according to your needs, and learn in a very easy, friendly and fun way.

    Contact me and let's get started!

    10 Years old and above

    English, Spanish

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