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    Spanish / ESL Instructor

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    Class Overview

    Spanish: All Levels, All Topics. ESL Grammar and ESL for Spanish Speakers.
    TOEFL, LPI & IELTS Test Preparation. Lots of tutoring options to suit student's needs. 20+07 AMAZING TUTORING OFFER!

    Over 15 years of Tutoring Experience in Spanish and ESL for Spanish Speakers. Worked as a Spanish Instructor for VIA Institute for the Americas for 2 years (2001-2003). Brainbench Master Certification in Written Spanish (2000 / 2004). TESL Certificate (1996). Company Instructor Training Program (1990). Private Tutor since 1994. Member of the CASLT.

    I use the Communicative Approach immersing my students in the language right away with clear and complete grammar explanations of the topics we cover in each session. I am able to teach any area of the Spanish language students require and focus on their needs.

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