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    Spanish Language Tutor/Experienced Teacher

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    Class Overview

    I am a Colombian teacher with 4 years teaching experience (elementary/high school).
    I can offer Spanish language tutoring in your home or public library.
    I am currently enrolled in a Master's degree in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language.
    I can offer Spanish language lessons to any age from child to adult, any level of Spanish ability, Spanish with specific purposes (travel, business) or latin american cultural knowledge.
    My interests are literature (if you want focus on this topic), visual arts (because I am an arts teacher too), movies, tv shows (which we can use to learn more) and videogames.
    If your child is studying Spanish in school, I can assist with homework and studying/test preparation.

    Lessons available online too.
    Please contact me via email at wiaruizme(at) or text me at (236) 335-7569.

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    Spanish, English

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