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    International Piano Competition Winner

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    Class Overview

    Piano has been my instrument for over 10 years. I have finished all levels of music theory, and have passed the Certificate of Merit Exam for the Advanced Level for Music Theory and Piano Performance in 2015. In high school, I received A's in both semesters of AP Music Theory, as well as passing the AP Music Theory Exam from CollegeBoard. I have taught Music Theory in a classroom setting before. I have taught children of all ages and all levels, and I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others very much. As for piano performance, I have performed on small stages and large stages (Carnegie Hall), I have placed 1st in multiple international competitions, such as the International Duo Competition, the Carmel Klavier International Competition, the Grand Prize Virtuoso International Piano Competition in Vienna and Rome, the American Protege International Concerto Competition, and many more. I have played a variety of music from all 4 eras (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary), and among those eras I have played music from various composers. I specialize in Chopin pieces, I love Chopin, and I really love the touch of Chopin pieces. One of his pieces I am working on right now is the Chopin Concerto No. 1. I've already completed Movements 2 and 3, and after I complete Movement 1, I plan to record with an orchestra.

    5 Years old and above


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