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    Teacher on Wheels - Vancouver's K-12 Montessori Tutoring

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    Class Overview

    Hi there! My name is Hanh and I am a full-time K-12 tutor (Teacher on Wheels) with a BC Teaching Certificate in Montessori Education and 5+ years of teaching experience. My sessions are student-directed and tailored to individual learning styles. Visit my website for glowing testimonials!

    Teacher on wheels is consistently Ranked #1 on Yelp for Best Private Tutor in Vancouver

    Tutoring Services and Experience:
    ✢ Long-term availability
    ✢ 10AM to 10PM, 7 days/wk
    ✢ Experienced full-time tutor
    ✢ BC Teacher Certification
    ✢ B.A. Chemistry w/ Honours from Ivy League university
    ✢ Subject versatility & expertise
    ✢ Open communication
    ✢ Charismatic, young, & hip
    ✢ INFJ Myers-Briggs type
    ✢ Montessori approach
    ✢ Free online support

    10 Years old and above


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