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    Math, biology, chemistry, and English tutor

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    Class Overview

    First year UBC Science student, tutoring all the subjects from K-10, Pre-Calculus 11, Biology 11/12, Psychology 12, and Chemistry 11. I am a keen tutor who wants to help others around me by helping and sharing my knowledge with them.

    Can meet at your local library
    Weekdays - Tutoring at New West or Burnaby locations
    Weekends - Tutoring at Surrey locations

    I can help you with your homework, assignments, clarifying difficult concepts, and exam preparation.
    Both One on one and group tutoring available. Group tutoring at discounted rates.

    Tutoring starts from $20/hr depending upon location and grade level. Group tutoring from $15/person. Every session is worth. Don’t delay your progress.

    Expert guidance!!! 100% success rate!!!

    10 Years old and above


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