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    English / Psychology Tutor

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    Class Overview

    Looking to improve your writing, speaking and reading skills? (IELTS, TOEFL etc.)

    I am able to tutor/advise in:
    - English
    - Psychology
    - Academic Writing (APA,MLA,Chicago referencing & citations)

    I am a recent undergrad Psychology graduate with distinction. I have wrote multiple high quality academic and research papers. I am a responsible, vibrant and quick responder. I am also able to converse and write in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

    Rate: starts from $30/hr.

    - 英文 (IELTS,TOEFL 等考试辅导)
    - 心理学
    - 额外还包括APA,MLA,Chicago 等格式的引述

    毕业于加拿大著名大学 心理学特优生。品质保证。决对用心,有耐心的把你教会。另外还可以用粤语来沟通。

    一小时 30刀起。

    10 Years old and above

    English, Chinese

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