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    Biology and genetics tutor at University Of Toronto

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    Class Overview

    Excellent science communication and writing skills. I have completed Master's degree at the University of Toronto, Department of Molecular Genetics. I am doing research at SickKids Hospital. I have peer-reviewed publications and more than 10 years of science experience. I am tutoring many biology and genetics classes. I have taken many diverse classes in biology and chemistry throughout my studies and taught most of them to undergraduate and graduate students.

    If you are studying specifically for exams, midterms, or finals then I will aim our sessions in a specific direction and teach you some nice tricks to properly address the questions and get good marks. University professors love giving tricky questions, which is of course usually useful if you want to tell apart A students from A+ students. I will prepare a specific schedule based on your course materials to make you an A+ student and the only pre-requisite that I need is your curiosity. For a quiz, midterm or final exam I can guarantee you a mark over 80/100 if you follow my tips.

    My approach to tutoring is to initiate the interest which we all have. I use my tutoring skills to guide you through the realm of science and biology uphill to the peak of knowledge euphoria you have never experienced before. The Socratic method of teaching that involves discussions and argumentative dialogue of the relevant topics makes it easier for students to capture and understand complex scientific jargon and terminology.

    10 Years old and above


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