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    Learn Python the Easy Way

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    Class Overview

    Learn Python the Easy Way is a class that will offer you all the knowledge you need to write python programs. This is a class I have developed to allow students to learn this programming language in the most natural way.
    I am Lilia Lowery, An expert Computer programmer, I have been offering training of python language for more than five years now, and I understand the aspects that often prove difficult for beginners to learn.
    In this class you will learn the following:
    +The basic programming concepts.
    +The basics of Python syntax and how to interpret errors.
    +The python dictionary, Function and Method.
    + How to create your program to solve problems.
    +How to Identify the use of For and While loop.
    +How to make use of the IF, Else statements.
    This class is intended for beginners who have little or no knowledge about the python language, intermediate and experts may not find the class useful.

    10 Years old and above


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