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    Advanced Python: Executive Training Workshop: Level 3

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    Class Overview

    Why Object-Oriented Programming and Functional Programming is important:

    Web development: Django extensively uses classes and functional programming

    Finance: Banks are transitioning their data from old proprietary software to the open source software and codes so that they can harness the power of Python using Data Science and Big Data
    Banks are building their libraries and putting them in their libraries to do their analysis and statistics. If you are a CFA, FRM or Quant developer, this workshop helps you understand what you need to learn in Python.

    Optimize your code using functional aspects to create classes and libraries of your earlier code

    This workshop introduces you to Object-Oriented Programming and Functional aspects of Python!

    Python is the language of the future! It is the language of data science, web development, big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and software development because it allows for Object-Oriented Programming, Functional Programming, and scripting

    Object-oriented programming involves classes, inheritance, metaclasses, encapsulation, overloading using classes.

    20 Years old and above


    Bring your Laptop, with Chrome Installed

    Curriculum for this class

    Advanced Python

    Main Topics to be Discussed: - Introduction to Advanced Python - Object-Oriented Programming in Python - Meta programming and meta classes - ABC and Abstract Class - New vs. int - Types of Inheritance - Super functions in Python - Singleton Method - Understanding class and instance variables - Overloading in Python - Static, class, or abstract methods in Python - Unit Testing in Python - Generators, Iterators, Decorators, and Context Managers - Monkey Patching - Pass by reference / Pass by value - Late binding/closures

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