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Hello! I’m Joseph

Hi everyone,

I am a passionate developer and a teacher. I love to build things, and I love to teach other people how to build things. I've worked at many companies including few large corporations such as Walmart, General Motors, and TechStyle. I've built apps from scratch as well as rebuilt existing apps in the past. I know every stage of mobile app development, and I've worked solo, in small teams, and in large teams.

I've been furthering my mobile app development passion for about a decade now, but now I'm back to my other passion of teaching now.

I've taught other people coding before, so I know I can teach you as well. If you are dedicated and won't give up, I can teach you how to make a production level mobile app, guaranteed. No shortcuts. We can even try to make any of the currently existing app together. There will be a lot of pair programming, but this isn't a demo. There are plenty of demos on the internet. We will be building an app together. No number of videos will actually prepare you for a real life scenario.

React Native, React, Redux, JavaScript, TypeScript, Styled Components, Redux Saga, Zustand, Jest, React Native Testing Library, Enzyme, Node, Express, MongoDB, SQL, Sentry, BugSnag, AWS, GCP, Analytics, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Swift, Objective-C, Java, Emarsys, Sailthru, Branch, GraphQL, Python, Django, AppCenter, Jenins, CodePush, CircleCI


Senior React Native Developer at General Motors

+ Wrote well-tested, highly secure code focused on stability, security, performance, and scalability + Helped rewrite and migrate over the tire pressure monitoring component from native (Objective-C and Java) to React Native + Migrated many Objective-C and some Swift components to React Native equivalent + Participated in monthly “competitions” that encouraged innovation and helped grow ability to think out of the box + Worked in small pods of team (about 6). There were about five pods.

Senior React Native Developer at Wash Laundry

+ Restructured the mobile app to improve stability and performance by 50%. + Implemented offline and cloud timers to allow users to monitor laundry process. + Implemented ways to allow offline laundry transactions while keeping security and other edge cases in mind. + Refactored Bluetooth logic to improve Bluetooth related performance by 80%. + Restructured the team to focus more on user experience and code quality. + Introduced unit and integration testing. + Mentored junior developers to help build a lifestyle of learning and teaching. + Converted and migrated native iOS (mostly Swift) to React Native.

React Native Developer at CSO

+ Built a React Native Mobile App that showcases Live Chat, Gallery, Multi-Depth Navigation, Authentication, and Calendar + Utilized phone’s Contact List, User Notifications, Gallery, Camera, and etc. to create a more interactive app experience.

Senior React Native Developer at TechStyle Fashion Group

+ Launched Android version of the app + Integrated Emarsys and removed the previous implementation of Sailthru + Very high level of collaboration among many departments. Collaboration and pair programming are of utmost importance. + Maintained code base that performs extremely well even with thousands of products, hundreds of pages, and tens of millions of total users + Focused on scalability, performance, and security. The app must be able to handle monthly traffic of millions of users. + Integrated AppCenter and CodePush to assist CI/CD process + Mentored junior developers to help build a lifestyle of learning and teaching.

Senior React Native Developer at Chefman

+ Part of a core team of four developers building a complex IoT React Native app from initial ideation to all the way to delivery + Created a website in React that allows the users to input a recipe + Developed a gateway of communication from the Culinary team to the App, where the Culinary Team only had to input a recipe on the website for it to appear on the app with the full Guided Cooking capabilities + Sole creator of Guided Cooking functionality within the ChefIQ app that reacts to user interactions and guides them through the recipe, and prevents the users from making mistakes while cooking. + Developed a React Native mobile app utilizing BLE/WiFi, various AWS and Firebase services, and a custom in-house API + Configured small kitchen appliances IoT devices utilizing AWS IOT Core and MQTT + Heavy Emphasis on both inter- and intra-departmental collaboration including, but not limited to, collecting requirements, UI/UX design, QA testing, and process standardization + Participated in various trade shows and conventions (CES, IHA, etc.). + Always customer focused. Everything built in app has the customer in mind first. If it won’t bring customers any value, it serves no place within the app. + Mentored and lead a team of junior and mid level developers for the Guided Cooking functionality.

Self-employed at Various

+ Mostly small projects, contracts, and hourly roles + React Native (December 2015 ~ Current) + Swift/Objective-C Focused (April 2015 ~ July 2016) + React Focused (June 2014 ~ July 2015) + Mostly HTML, CSS and jQuery (February 2010 ~ April 2014) + Tutoring Programming (June 2014 ~ Current)

Senior React Native Developer at Walmart

+ Contract role + Rewrite the app to adhere to the new design + Implement native packages and remove unnecessary old native packages + Upgrade and update third party packages and React Native versions + Write unit and integration tests for the entire app to reach the goal of ~90% coverage + Mentor junior developers and participate in pair programming


Penn State University

Information Sciences and Technology