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    Create a mobile app using React Native and more

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    Class Overview

    Where is it?
    This is an online only class. Please disregard the physical location indicated here.

    What is it?
    Build an app of your dreams from scratch. No prior experience? No problem. We will start with the basics. Already know the basics? Then we dive right in. The complexity is up to the student, testing is up to the student, and it doesn't even have to be a brand new app. We can even add backend, AWS, GCP, and more. Don't worry if you didn't know what AWS or GCP is. We can learn that as well. No shortcuts; a production level app. We can even rebuild an already existing app together. Totally up to you. Remember, there is no substitute for a real life coding experience. No video lessons will get you there.

    Who am I?
    I am a Professional React Native Developer who has worked in a large corporations such as Walmart, General Motors, and TechStyles. I also have experience working on what is commonly referred to as a zero to one app. I've worked with every phase of app release, and I have experience with backend, devops, PM work, design work, and QA work. Teaching is my passion and so is coding. So, why not teach coding?

    Any age


    Learning to create mobile apps takes dedication more than being smart. All I ask is that you work your hardest and don't be discouraged when something doesn't work immediately the first time. Even professional developers don't get things right the first time.

    Laptop and your passion


    Do you need prior experience?

    No. I can teach everything including programming basics.

    How long will it take to build the app?

    This depends on the person and the complexity of the app chosen.

    Can we work on an already existing app

    Sure, but it may need to be rewritten, if it was not written very well.

    How about testing?

    I would also love to include testing, but do note that this will greatly increase the development time.

    Can I just learn how to code in JavaScript and TypeScript?

    Yes, of course.

    Can I bring my friends along to learn and build the app together.

    Yes, in fact, this will not only finish the app sooner, but it will also be cheaper overall

    How do multiple attendants work?

    We can start a new app every time, work on an existing app together, or work on multiple existing apps together. Totally up to the attendants.

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