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Hello! I’m Jeanette

I have a piano diploma from the Royal Conservatory of Music for Piano Performance, as well as another one for Piano Teaching. I've won many awards in competition and have done my fair share of competitions.

I have a strong belief that not everyone learns the same way, so I adjust accordingly to learning styles for your child. Over the years, I have learned a lot about what works best with kids, and knew that matching the goals of the my students and their interests work the best. This philosophy has worked well with kids who have learning challenges and need encouragement to achieve their own goals, rather than push them to goals set by others. It is a sort of unschooling method, which doesn't mean not doing anything, but to follow the interests of the student. I have worked with kids who have been diagnosed or yet to be diagnosed with Dyslexia, OCD, Anxiety, Autism, etc. and know that they require a lot of reassurance and support.

For younger beginners, I encourage parents to attend lessons, just so it would be easier to help your child practice at home.

Early Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Elementary Level, Intermediate Level, Advanced Level, ARCT, All Theory Levels, Counterpoint, Harmony, Analysis, Pedagogy


Principal at JDyck Studios

The name of the company has changed over the years, as I got married, but it's still always been me.


Royal Conservatory of Music