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    Piano & Theory

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    Class Overview

    Flexible schedule. Virtual Lessons only for now. I have over 40 years of teaching experience for all levels and ages, and also work with kids who have been diagnosed with anxiety, OCD and autism. I do not use a set curriculum as I believe that there is a one-size fit all way of teaching.

    Separate Theory classes are for the students who are preparing for RCM exams and need guidance. I have been teaching all levels of theory, including ARCT levels, and pedagogy for about 40 years as well, and specialize in teaching younger kids theory who have trouble learning in a regular class.

    Email today for a free assessment to see if it's a good fit. Please contact by email or SMS first.

    Kids as young as 3 can start, as long as they can somewhat sit still for about 15 minutes. Adults can be any age. This platform only allows me to teach until 6, but I do teach until about 9 required.

    Any age


    Stable Internet, a piano or keyboard, and a working camera. Access to a printer is helpful when starting out. Parents will find it easier if they attend the lesson.

    Book will be discussed during the assessment


    How old can my child start?

    Kids can start as young as 3, but it depends on their ability to pay attention for about 15 minutes. If they are prone to wandering around, then it would be better to do lessons in person.

    How far away can you teach remotely and how does that work?

    I have been teaching remotely to as far as Ontario. We just adjust for the time changes, and have been fielding inquiries from Europe now. Generally, we can do an assessment interview so you can see things work. Music theory, I do thing on the screen during the lesson and work with students individually and can do groups as well.

    Do I need an instrument for piano lessons

    It's helpful to have a piano or polyphonic keyboard (put your hand on the the keys and all the keys should sound) when you first learn. I have had a student who did not have a piano, and just went to someone else's house to practice. Currently with Covid, I am guessing that it isn't possible for most people. You can always chat with me beforehand to see what kind of instrument would work best

    Is it okay to be an older beginner?

    You can learn at any age. I can say that without a lot of time and effort, becoming a world class performer would be very difficult though.

    What is the monthly flat rate mean? And what about cancellations?

    I charge on a month to month basis for the flat rate, calculated out on the basis of 42 weeks from September to the end of June , with 35 scheduled lessons. That means the price is the same, even if there are 3 lessons or 5 lessons, rather than $80/hr by the lesson rate. It evens out, usually in the student's favour. Because nobody is travelling at the moment, the breaks are shorter. I expect a month's notice to terminate lessons in lieu of payment for the month. (except after the 1st month) Flat monthly rate $125/mth for 30-minute lessons each week $175/mth for 45-minute lessons each week $230/mth for 60 minute lessons each week I also give family discounts - so if you have more than one child taking lessons, the rate goes down a little bit as well for each additional child. Cancellations require a little bit of notice (let me know in advance so I can see if I can shuffle my schedule around you), If someone is sick and not feeling well, then obviously let me know, and we will just reschedule. If internet is down, just call me or send me a text so we will reschedule that!

    Do you make Special Needs Accommodations?

    I accommodate my teaching style with your child's needs. I keep notes so that it becomes a sort of an IEP, and it just requires communication. I would like learning music to be fun and engaging for your child. I have worked with undiagnosed kids who struggle with Dyslexia, Autism, OCD, Anxiety, etc, and am aware of SOME of the things that are involved. I can't claim to be an expert on your child, but I can say that I am happy to adjust my teaching to make the experience enjoyable than a struggle.

    Do you teach Homeschoolers and Home Learners, and accept DL payments

    I can teach Homeschoolers and Homelearners for sure. We are Homelearners. As for DL payments, you would just need to get approval from your teacher, and send me the vendor forms to fill out. I can also do the assessments for reporting purposes.

    Are Theory rates the same as Piano Rates?

    Theory Rate is the same as the piano rate, except you get about an hour each week instead of 30 minutes. However the rate also means that it is considered a group rate and would be open for more students.

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