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Hello! I’m Dot

Influenced by her father’s vast love of music, Dot was introduced to a variety of music genres and she knew that music would become her lifelong passion. Throughout her high school years, she actively performed as a solo performer, with her jazz choir, and often performed for numerous high profile events. After receiving her ARCT with first class honors from The Royal Conservatory Of Music, Dot began her career as a piano teacher, accompanist and collaborator.

After receiving her Bachelor’s with a major in music from University of British Columbia and with a minor in Child Psychology, she continued to study the many methods of teaching where she emphasizes the importance of musicianship in her classes. Dot offers quality music lessons for youths and adults in a variety of genres. Her teaching method incorporates classical, jazz, and popular methods for a well-rounded musical education.

She teaches and focuses on the importance of mastering proper technique and developing good practice habits to bring musicians to their next level. She also offers an individualized music program that includes personalized accommodations and adaptions to her method of teaching. Her students frequently appear in music festivals, competitions and receive high achievements in exams.

Dot has also worked as a piano teaching artist at The Sarah McLachlan School of Music for the past eighteen years and is a member of the B.C. Registered Music Teachers Association. She also holds professional certificates in pedagogy as well as early childhood education. Dot continues to instill the joy of music into all her students while catering to each individual student’s unique musical interests.

Pop, Anime, K-Pop, Disney, Classical, Jazz, Rock, New Age