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Hello! I’m Danny

Danny Crafts started as a quirky YouTube channel where I was able to experiment with different DIY projects and arts and crafts ideas. It was a mindful activity to keep my brain occupied when I needed a break from the real world.

Eventually, my curiosity grew into a passion, and I was looking for ways to make this hobby of mine a financially stable job! I started selling keychains and jewelry from polymer clay, which I purchased from Michaels stores. This was a bust! My keychains fell apart after one use, my earrings were collecting dust and looked awful.

Then I moved onto resin products, which honestly was so much fun and the creations were really cool! I improved my product, but found that my basement was filled with silicone molds and toxic products that I wasn't comfortable breathing in every day.

Eventually I landed on candles and other handmade products included knitwear and custom gifts! I make coconut soy candles and I love it! It's a great alternative to Bath and Body Works candles, which are made with toxic petroleum based wax. I've had great feedback with my candles that I sold on Etsy (which I still run on the side), but I decided to take my products onto my own website!

There! Now you're caught up :) If you'd like to connect, follow me on Instagram @DannyCraftsOfficial

Stay Crafty,