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    How To Make Candles at Home

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    Class Overview

    To make candles you need a stove top or hot plate, which is expected of the candle maker to already have in their home. They will also need a large pot to create a "double boiler," but you do not need a big pot if you are using a hot plate.

    You measure your wax in ounces (I use soy wax) and place in a metal pouring pitcher or large glass bowl. You place the pouring pitcher into a large pot filled with water (double boiler) or you put on a hot plate. It's important not to let the wax get too hot or else it will burn. So you will need a silicone spatula or wooden spoon to mix your wax as it melts.

    Then you measure your fragrance oil according to how much wax you are using, typically it is 8-10 % of the weight of the wax. For example, if you are making an 8oz candle, you will need about 0.8oz of fragrance oil. Once the wax is fully melted and reaches a temperature of 180-190 degrees Fahrenheit you remove from heat. Once the wax cools to between 170-180 degrees Fahrenheit, you mix in the fragrance oil, and stir at a slow rate for about 1-3 minutes. You then pour this into your candle jar, and use clothes pin or popsicle sticks to keep your wick straight while your candle cools. Let the candle cure for about 48-72 hours and then you are ready to use your candle!

    The materials you will need:

    A heat source such as a hot plate or stove top, and a large pot
    1 x metal pouring pitcher
    1 x digital scale (unless wax and fragrance oil is measure out before hand for attendees, which i recommend so you don't need a scale)
    1 x thermometer
    1 x spoon
    8oz of soy wax
    0.8 oz of fragrance oil
    1 x wick (I suggest HTP 105 wick)
    1 x 8oz candle jar
    1 x wick sticker (to keep the wick attached to the jar)
    1 x clothes pin or popsicle sticks

    Some materials to be sourced. So contact me and I'll help you get in touch with a handful of suppliers that sell these materials at decent rates. Or shop at Alibaba, but they usually have large minimum order requirements (i.e. must order 100 x item).

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