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    The Core Of Supply Chain Management

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    Class Overview

    Hello! My name is Katie.

    My training is aimed to offer new and additional knowledge to the design, planning, execution, control monitoring of supply chain processes with the objective of creating a net value. This class will cut across the mission of supply chain management, the techniques to which coordination of supply chain can be effectively managed, the origin of the term and its definition. The course will also look at the function and importance of supply chain management, the inter-organization supply network which is also necessary for organizational learning. In this series of training, I will explain the dominant movement that can be observed in studies of managing a supply chain and the era of the supply chain will be known.
    Highlighted below are what you will get from this class:
    This class will introduce you to the tax-efficient supply chain management.
    You will learn about the implementation of supply chain management; You will gain deep insight into the components of supply chain management,
    You will learn about the values and the global application of supply chain management.
    This training is suitable for the following people:
    Financial management officer.
    A business manager,
    A supply manager and anyone willing to learn about supply chain management.
    I can't wait to meet with you, enroll in this class today and you will be glad you do.

    20 Years old and above


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