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    Make Awesome 3D Designs With Blender

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    Class Overview

    Are you a big fan of animation movies, have you ever wonder how these type of movies are made?
    Awesome 3D Designs With Blender is a course that will provide answers to your question. The course is designed to introduce newbies to the world of 3D animation.
    The course is aimed at making the medium of 3D modeling, rendering, and animation clear and accessible to beginners and to provide with an avenue to upgrade existing knowledge. It is also designed to make compositing—the mixing, adding, subtracting, and shuffling of real and imaginary visual elements very easy.
    After completing this course, you will be able to:

    * Create, texture, and light virtual 3D objects
    * Add virtual objects to your real-world scenes, and incorporate real-world elements into constructed imagery
    * Add particle-effects such as fire, light, wind, etc. to virtual objects.
    * Edit the timing of your effects.
    * confidently take any 3D animation job.

    10 Years old and above


    The basic requirements include; readiness to learn, attentiveness and patience.

    A working laptop will do.

    Curriculum for this class

    Introduction To Blender

    Here you will learn about how to install blender and how to work with the interface.


    Can I learn with my Window laptop?

    Yes! You can.

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