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    Microsoft Project Level 2

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    Class Overview

    This Level 2 course explains the essentials of organizing a project in terms of “Resource Management and Reporting” using Microsoft Project. With hands-on training, the student will be introduced to the concepts of creating Network Diagrams, entering resources, assigning resources, reviewing resource workloads, setting a Baseline, tracking progress, printing views and reports, and working with multiple Projects.

    Delivery: On-line

    Instructor: E. F. (Skip) Laratonda, Jr., MSEE, PE
    Microsoft Certified Trainer
    Microsoft Certified Professional – Microsoft Project

    • To gain in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Project.
    • To better control project time and cost.
    • To convey consistency between members of your organizational team.

    Lesson 9 Working with Network Diagrams
    Lesson 10 Entering and Assigning Resources
    Lesson 11 Scheduling with Resources
    Lesson 12 Reviewing Resource Workloads
    Lesson 13 Setting the Baseline or Plan
    Lesson 14 Scheduling with Task Constraints
    Lesson 15 Tracking the Progress of a Project
    Lesson 16 Printing Views and Reports
    Lesson 17 Working with Multiple Projects

    20 Years old and above


    Microsoft Project Level 1

    Courseware, handouts and accompanying sample project lesson files are provided at no additional cost to the student.

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