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    English class for kids and teenagers

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    Class Overview

    Welcome Message:
    Hello, young learners, and welcome to our exciting learning journey with Tida! This class is all about having fun while we explore the wonderful world of English. Get ready for an adventure filled with creativity, games, and lots of smiles!

    Class Schedule:

    Duration: [45 - 60 minutes ]
    Frequency: [once a week]
    Start Date: [November 17 ]

    *After your placement test what we'll Do:
    We will play engaging games and activities to make learning enjoyable.
    We will create awesome projects and share our ideas.
    There will be lots of stories and exciting adventures to enjoy.

    *During our classes, we will:
    Learn new things and expand our knowledge.
    Be creative and use our imaginations.
    Have fun and make new friends.
    we will learn by dancing

    *Teaching Style:
    Our classes will be full of energy and excitement.
    We'll use colorful visuals and props to make learning interesting.
    You can ask questions and share your thoughts anytime.

    *Materials Needed:
    All you need is your curiosity and enthusiasm!
    Sometimes, we might use simple materials like paper, crayons, or toys.

    Parents and guardians, feel free to contact me via [provide contact information] for any questions or updates.

    *Expectations and Rules:
    We'll be kind, respectful, and listen to each other.
    It's okay to make mistakes; that's how we learn!
    We'll have fun while following the rules.

    *Homework and Assignments:
    No worries, there won't be homework for kids. Learning happens during our fun classes!

    *Parents and guardians are welcome to join in the fun and support your child's learning.

    Get ready for an incredible learning adventure! We can't wait to explore, create, and learn together. If you have any questions or just want to chat, don't hesitate to reach out. Let's make every class a memorable experience!


    5 Years old and above


    Note Book ( for 8 years and above) - color pencil - paper - color paper - scissors -pencil - glue

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