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    Providing English (ESL) lessons that are practical and fun

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    Class Overview

    I am an ESL instructor who has taught general English in a class room setting and privately to students from Mexico, Brazil, France, Spain, Germany, Korea and Japan for over 5 years. I have also taught IELTS and CELPIP Exam prep. I myself speak conversational French and Italian and love learning languages and meeting people of all cultures. I am passionate about teaching, patient and enthusiastic and offer great feedback!

    Classes are specific to what you as a student need and where you want to improve your English. I teach speaking, writing, listening and reading skills according to your level, whether you are intermediate, upper intermediate or advanced, using a variety of resources to help you accomplish your goals. I am very flexible so if you have articles, books, movies that you want to use to help you improve your English especially if it is to help you with your career, I am willing to review these resources.

    Classes can be face to face or online. I am dedicated to your success so contact me today!

    20 Years old and above


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