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    Ivy League student tutors College Algebra

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    Class Overview

    I tutored College Algebra, Algebra 1, and 2 to college and high school students last fall semester and have 2 years of tutoring experience in total. I also took the classes myself and received an A in the classes, so I understand which specific topics might be harder for you to understand and grasp, especially with the fast pace of summer classes.

    All tutoring sessions are done with a thorough and engaging PowerPoint made to encourage engagement and understanding by the student. All of my previous students have recorded amazing tutoring sessions and a more complex understanding of the topic at hand. Students are also encouraged to try out problems on their own in tutoring sessions and with homework assigned to them after each session. I believe that these problems are the key to improving your confidence, as confidence can be improved once a student realizes that they not only understand the topic, but can also apply their knowledge in a problem.

    Thank you for reading and I look forward to being your tutor!

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