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    Building Customized Workstations

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    Class Overview

    I have been customizing and now building workstations for many years.

    My initial hardware experience came while working at a company called Autodesk, at its Media and Entertainment division, for their Advanced Systems team that builds computers that powers Hollywood special effects.

    My latest is a tricked out AMD-based system with 64 Megs of RAM, a great gaming mother board, and all the ports, storage, and display options you can imagine: including a 4-port architecturally-oriented graphics card for 4 large displays (I have a reference who is now using the system).

    I can teach you the skills you need to build a great computer for under $3000.00 CND - which would beat anything sold at Best Buy no doubt.

    I will act as a consultant guiding you through the purchase of parts, assembly, and installation of operating systems, whether Linux or Windows.

    Hit me up.

    20 Years old and above


    A budget of $1500 - $3000.00 approx. for computer parts.

    Curriculum for this class

    Surveying Computer Components

    We will jump into a deep dive theoretical 2 hours on what exactly each component of a typical PC does and compare and contrast Linux/Windows PCs with Macs (which you generally cannot tinker with). We will cover: - CPUs (AMD and Intel) - Motherboards (with an emphasis on gaming boards) - Memory - Storage - Electrical issues (Focusing on Corsair units primarily) - Cooling - Cases and wire management Etc.

    Get to know what each part of a computer does

    Ordering Parts for Your PC

    We will actually configure your customized computer system using the website PC part picker, price components, and order them.

    We will use the website PC Part Picker as well as our common sense to pick and buy parts for your customized PC

    Receiving Your Parts and Building the System

    I will walk you through building your customized computer with the parts you received from start to finish.

    After receiving your parts: build your customized system

    Installing The Operating System

    I will walk you through installing Linux (main flavours I know are Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and Kali Linux) or Windows on your system. You will need either a DVD player or a USB stick with 2-5 Gb of space for the ISO.

    Install Linux or Windows

    Wrap-up and Follow-up

    We will perform a postmortem on every aspect of how the build process went to see how we can improve in the future. We will then discuss ways I can provide continued support for your new customized system including possible costs.

    Come up with a long term maintenance plan

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