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    Linux Basics

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    Class Overview

    Learn the basics of the Linux operating system - the free operating system that is much much better than Microsoft Windows or anything by the very expensive Apple computer.

    I have been working with UNIX/Linux for twenty years since my time as a technical writer for Autodesk Media and Entertainment in Old Montreal who make software for Hollywood special effects.

    I have used my Linux skills all over Montreal at top companies in artificial intelligence, network performance monitoring, security, etc.

    I can teach you about the DOS-like command line, what is root access, how to install and use desktop Linux flavours like Ubuntu and Linux Mint, and even advanced topics like what are Docker containers (contact me to find out more) and more advanced subjects like using the Qubes OS for maximum security.

    I have a book published on Amazon called Survival in the Relentless New you can check out which talks about some of my experiences.

    20 Years old and above


    You need a relatively modern computer preferably with a CD/DVD-ROM you can use to install a new operating system.

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