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    Tennis Lessons with A Pro

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    Class Overview

    With a background as a professional player and over 20 years of experience and travels, I bring my passion and knowledge to the court, helping you accomplish your tennis goals!

    I'm offering tennis hits and lessons for all ages! At FVRS I offer lessons, and hitting for all ages! However, I also specialize in High Performance Players and their development.


    What seperates us from our competitors?

    Fraser Valley Racket Services provides a service that is fast, accurate and easy to use. We pride ourselves on our reliable and quick customer service, and believe that is what separates us from the rest.

    What is the right tension for my racket?

    Average tensions range from 48-62. Looser strings means more power but also mean less control. Tighter strings mean more control but less power. Spin is minimally effected by tension. Note* Looser strings are more forgiving on the arm!

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