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    Concepts of Algebra and Geometry

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    Class Overview

    I will teach the concepts of Algebra, Geometry, and Basic Mathematics. This class will discuss the concepts of Algebra, Geometry, and Basic Math and explain where these concepts come from. Then the application of these concepts for solving Math problems will also be practiced.

    10 Years old and above


    No requirement to join the class

    Homework and Notes

    Curriculum for this class

    Introduction to the Fundmanetal Concepts of Mathematics in General.

    This class will cover the concepts of Math as a general subject and as well as its history and development and the general reasons why Mathematics existed.


    Why do we need to find the common denominator when adding/subtracting fractions.

    Common denominators can be considered a multiplied form of the two initial denominators which are given and because the denominator has been multiplied its numerator which is a part of the denominators will naturally also be multiplied by the same number in order to keep the multiplied fraction and original fractions proportional and this proportional relationship with the two original fractions and its multiplied form creates a standard fraction by having the same denominator. So because a standard fraction has been found the numerator or parts of the standard fraction can be added or subtracted as well.

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