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    Make your own hand soap

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    Class Overview

    Soigne has been making handmade beauty products for the last 20 years. Using pure olive oil you will learn how to make your own handmade spa products. You will be provided with handouts and additional soap recipes. After the course you will become a soap and bath fizzier maker and leave the lab with your own handmade beauty products. You can choose from over 30 fragrances and herbs to spice up your soaps.

    Available dates:
    February 23rd: 12pm-2pm (Tuesday)
    March 17th: 6pm-8pm (Wednesday)
    March 20th: 1:30-3:30 (Saturday)
    March 27th: 10am-12pm (Saturday)

    Students are asked to bring:
    - Big Towel (it will not get damaged)
    - Plastic shopping bag
    - Shoes box
    - Wear long sleeves for safety while working with Lye (Caustic soda)

    10 Years old and above


    Curriculum for this class

    Handmade Beauty Products

    In this 2 hour class, you'll be a bath and soap master in no time

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    M K
    M K
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    Took three workshops: soap making, candle making and skin fitness class. Enjoyed all of them, it's a very fun activity to do with your friends. Don't expect extreme in-depth knowledge, since these are just 2-3 hr long classes not a series of classes. The candle making was the simplest and easiest, but it still was nice to create your own candles and decorate them, they also give more light than store purchased ones. Really liked the skin fitness class where we worked on hand made cosmetics (tonic, scrub, lotion, and face cream): all from natural ingredients with essential oils. They smelled fantastic and were very pleasant on skin (more suitable for normal\dry skin type). Someone mentioned that the instructor was pushy or something. Well, she is from Poland originally and being a Slavic girl myself I can tell that we have a very direct style of communication which some people regard as rudish. But this is just cultural :) She was clear with instructions and provided good supervision.

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