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    Saxophone lessons in Vancouver from a reputable professional

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    Class Overview

    Saxophone lessons in Vancouve from a reputable professional at affordable rates!!
    One-on-one instruction is the perfect way to get any beginner sounding like a rock star!
    Visit Ms. Lang's website to contact her and learn more!

    Ms. A. Lang has been playing and performing music on & off stages since she was a very young girl. With the support of her family, she picked up the saxophone at an early age as she took a strong interest in the wide world of music and everything it offered her. After spending many summers at band camp with BC Cadet Military Marching Bands, prolifically playing baritone saxophone in her High School Jazz Orchestras and receiving honourable music achievement awards; her passion for music evolved as she decided to further her studies at the University of Victoria, majoring in Classical & Jazz Performance for Saxophone.

    With a love for all music and an extensive background rooted in classical, jazz & blues, Ms. Lang brings the voice of the Saxophone to life! From years of diverse experience and countless hours of practice, she truly knows the fundamental skills and playing techniques essential to playing the Saxophone. Her nurturing & thorough method of musical instruction is proven to develop any young player into an experienced one, considering they are willing to take on the challenge and receive the endless joys & benefits of playing the Saxophone!

    10 Years old and above


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