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    Ontario college of teachers certified teacher

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    Class Overview

    Passionate tutor with over 10 years teaching experience in Canada and abroad. I am an Ontario College of Teachers Certified Teacher.

    My teaching approach is focused heavily on the discovery method where I help a student find their own answers through questions, hints, and discussion.

    Prefer meeting in a public location like a library or cafe as it provides the lesson a lighter atmosphere for learning.

    My lessons include:
    - take home notes
    - an program outline to reach your goals
    - extra resources to study and use
    - e-mail question and answer service

    Subjects Include:
    - High School Math including functions, calculus, and statistics (MCR3U, MDM4U,
    - High School Science including chemistry, first year biology, and physics (SCM3U,
    SCM4U, etc.)
    - High School English (ENG3U, ENG4U, ENG3M, ENG3C, ENG4M, ENG4C)
    - GED Test Prep
    - US Test Prep including the SAT and ACT

    10 Years old and above


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