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    Guitar Lessons : Blues-Rock-Jazz

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    Class Overview

    Learn how to play the Guitar or the Bass.
    Become a better player now!
    Top quality guitar lessons at my midtown located studio, Or at your place!
    Lessons are customized to fit your level and music interests.

    Learn how to read music and how to pick up songs by ear, with ear training,
    Start to understand music theory while jamming and analyzing the solos of your favorite players!

    Become a better rhythm guitar player, and a better singer too, with voice instruction.
    Learn scales, modes and how to use them when you improvise over chord changes.
    Learn to play slide guitar in standard and open tunings.

    Study with a European Conservatory trained recording artist, guitar player,
    singer, songwriter with regular shows at B.B.King`s -Lucille`s,
    at Bonafide and other major NYC venues,
    and benefit from his many years of teaching -performing experience
    and his many happy and satisfied students.

    I am now accepting students so please contact me to find out more about my hourly rates and monthly discounts.
    " Soukis's high energy and versatility with the strings makes him a dangerous man."
    --Blues Revue

    Jack R. June 24, 2013
"Absolutely awesome! I came to Spiros with almost no playing experience and he blew me away. His lessons and assignments for me were challenging but doable, and not only was I impressed by his skill and mastery of the instrument but by my own improvement, which thanks to his tutelage happened faster than I could have imagined. In addition to being a passionate and expert guitarist, Spiros is a patient and flexible teacher who tailors your lesson to your interests with enthusiasm. He has also introduced me to lots of great new music, and to top it all is a really nice guy! "
    Hal.R.August 2016 .Bass Guitar
    Spiros is the best! I started taking bass guitar lessons with him about four years ago, as an absolute beginner who had never touched a stringed instrument before and wasn't even sure I wanted to. Spiros has changed all of that. His lessons are always fun (I can't remember leaving a single one unhappy) but also challenging; he always seems to know exactly what I need to work on and pushes me to improve that part of my playing. His own incredible skill with the instrument has been a constant source of motivation and inspiration, and his patient, knowledgeable teaching has augmented that and turned it into improvement of my own skill. On top of that, he's introduced me to so much great music that I never would have heard of on my own, that now makes up the majority of what I listen to and play! 

Playing bass has become more than just a fun pastime for me, but a major part of my identity and a source of pride in myself as well. I can honestly say that if it weren't for Spiros and his teaching, that would not be the case, and I'm very grateful for that. He's given me a great gift, and I hope you can say the same some day!

    10 Years old and above


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