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    Mindfulness session - learn how to easily relax and calm

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    Class Overview

    Breathing for Better Sleep and Energy!
    Wim-Hof / Tibetan Medicine-Inspired Breathing Techniques

    Join Hannes to enjoy deep breathing with Wim Hof/Tsa Lung- inspired techniques! The classes is easy to join as breathing is (as always) a continuous flow.

    - Learn tricks on how to breathe better to improve daily stress
    - Experience the “energy body” within minutes with e.g. tingling sensations
    - Improve health and avoid sickness
    - Learn how to sleep better with breathing
    - Gain mood boosts
    - Learn about the science on breath, the latest studies on improving the immune system, from depression/anxiety to happier states.

    Play with your subtle (energy) body in an almost hypnagogic (half-awake) state through breathing and focus. Enjoy to warm the body from within, de-stress, energize, relax, and dance with heart and nerves.

    Release the mind and tap into embodied awareness.

    Clinical studies on Wim Hof breathing techniques have shown coping of injections of e.coli bacteria, acid to alkaline blood pH level changes and a release of more adrenaline than a first bungee jumper through breathing!

    Any age

    I've been guiding from age 2 to 82 years!

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