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    Customer Relationship

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    Class Overview

    CRM, which is the short form of Customer Relationship Management, helps organizations successfully implement strategies, practices, and technologies to earn and retain customers. The goal of this business and management class is to provide you with a solid foundation of customer relationship management concepts and best practices so that you can successfully implement customer relationship management practices for your business — long-term profitability.

    Companies aim to earn and retain their customers. Even their competitors are trying to do the same thing. Even the most successful companies, with excellent marketing programs to attract customers, have problems with customer loyalty.

    In this class, I will teach you how to move from a short-term, transaction-based operational mode of a customer to a long-term relationship mode and understand the benefits of close customer relationships.
    I will cover the following topics:
    The loyalty of the clientele
    Customer's centrality
    Value of the customer's life
    Customer value management
    You will learn about the following:
    The meaning and application of CRM
    Benefits of CRM for businesses and consumers
    How to implement CRM best practices
    The importance of reaching and retaining customers
    Build long-term customer relationships

    20 Years old and above


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