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    Professional Piano Lessons - All Ages and Styles!

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    Class Overview

    Piano Lessons with Mr. Joel Brandon, M.M.
    Play music you love while learning technique!
    All Ages and All Styles!
    Learn to read music AND play by ear!
    Great record of student satisfaction and success! (testimonials below)
    First Lesson FREE!

    About Joel:
    - 34 year-old professional pianist, singer, and composer
    - 8 years of professional experience teaching all ages and styles
    - Began studies on piano at the age of 6
    - 12 years of professional experience in pop, rock, classical, jazz, and more
    - Master of Music in Composition from the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami,
    - Bachelor of Arts in Voice/Composition from Messiah College

    NEW YEAR'S SPECIAL: First Lesson FREE, then $50/hour, $25/half hour
    1 lesson per week
    Lessons available at my private, comfortable home studio in Winnetka, in-home, or online
    Reserve your spot before it's gone!

    Sample Teaching Demo:

    Pop/Rock demo:

    Classical demo:

    Jazz demo:

    Francesca, 9 year-old piano student

    "Joel has been teaching my 10 year-old daughter piano for 2 years and counting... he is so kind, patient, and talented! I am amazed at her skills that he has taught her and she has a blast learning with him!"

    - Shannynne B., Redondo Beach, CA

    "Joel Brandon came to Music and Arts with an eagerness to teach piano and voice. He built two full days of teaching with us and had a great record of student satisfaction! He treats teaching with a structured, yet fun approach...he crafts each lesson individually for the student. For this reason, he is able to take on a larger student population in regard to age, background, culture, and skill level."

    - Hannah Best, Manager, Music and Arts Music Stores

    "Joel did a great job with our daughter who took lessons with him for about 3 years starting at age 6. She learned a lot and had fun doing it. I was impressed with how much progress she would make week to week."

    - Keith J., Torrance, CA

    Joel Brandon, M.M.

    Any age

    Curriculum for this class

    First piano lesson

    - Learn the basic layout of the piano, including the black keys, white keys, and middle C - Learn the finger numbers of the hand - Learn how to place your hand on the piano - Learn to keep your wrists relaxed and fingers firm for tension-free playing - Learn a simple song by ear: Hot Cross Buns

    Introduction to the piano

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