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    The Fundamentals of Google Analytics

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    Class Overview

    Google Analytics belong in the list of the best tools available to search for quality data that can improve the performance of the website. If you can fully exploit it, you can monitor your traffic closely and identify the best performing aspects of your site. These are the required skills. But most people only know the basics of Google Analytics. This course will show you how to use Google Analytics best and get the full benefits of this skill.
    My name is Kylie, and I am an expert Web developer, I have in-depth knowledge about Search Engine Optimization, and I am ready to reveal the fundamentals of Google analytics and how to entirely make use of this tool.
    The first thing I will reveal to you in this class is how to utilize Google Analytics to discover how your pay keywords perform in terms of conversion rate and revenue. You will then learn about the loopholes in your campaigns by checking the bounce rate.
    Later in the class, I will reveal to you, how to track your sales even to the product level, you will learn about the significant benefits of linking your Google Analytics with Google Adword.
    These and many more you will get at the end of this class:
    You will be able to Optimize Adword with Google Analytics.
    You will have a precise knowledge of how to find poor performing campaigns and keywords.
    You will be able to improve location targeting.

    20 Years old and above


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