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Why Personal Development is critical to success

personal development

Personal Development is the action you take to improve and better yourself. It’s an ongoing cycle of self-assessment, goal setting and building skills to maximize your potential.

We’ll be sharing with you tips for self-improvement and a guide on creating your personal development plan. 

How to create your self-development plan? 

Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses

Identify the skills you have now and assess areas for growth. This is the most important because it sets your plan in motion. Here are some questions you can ask yourself if you have no idea where to start:

  1. What is a skill you’ve always wanted to try but never had time for?
  2. What skills are employers looking for? 
  3. What skills can I develop to get my dream job? 

Tip: You can definitely use a SWOT analysis tool to help organize your thoughts.


Choose the skill you want to learn the most and divide it into bite size goals. This will help you focus all your energy and attention on that one goal. You’ll feel less stressed and when you feel less stressed you’re more likely to accomplish more.

Tip: Use a rating system to rank your goals by importance.

Set a Time

Accompany each goal with a specific date you want to accomplish them by. It’s important to have a timeline for your goals to prevent procrastination or delays.

Tip: Use Google Calendar or Google Home to remind and alert you about practice times.


Create a schedule and learning environment to facilitate practice. Remove any type of distraction that’ll hinder your practice time. Consistency and discipline is key to mastering any skill.

Tip: You’re not running a sprint, you're running a marathon. So, remember to take breaks, fuel your body with good food and mentally recharge.

Track your progress

Use it to reflect on your journey and make adjustments where you see fit.

Tip: Reward yourself with a good treat once you’ve reached or passed your milestone. This is your learning journey, so don’t forget to have some fun with it. 


When you feel like you’ve hit a plateau, it's time for you to move on and cross off the next goal on your checklist.

Here are some examples of personal development skills

  • Creativity 
  • Problem Solving 
  • Work Ethic 
  • Communication 
  • Technical 

How Clascity can improve your personal development skills?

You can enhance your personal development skills through mentorship, education and workshops. All which are available on Clascity. Our platform encourages you to learn something new and learn it from the people around you. 

We offer a wide range of classes taught by different instructors, so you can personalize your learning. You’ll work with the instructors you feel matches your needs and goals (and of course  personality). Here are some questions you should be asking your mentors to know if they’re the right fit for you: 

  • Why are you passionate about your topic? 
  • How did you start your career in {subject}?

You also have the opportunity to network within the platform. This will expose you to new ideas, concepts and people. Then you’ll be more equipped to work with different personality types and communicate more effectively. These relationships can prosper and open possibilities or future employment in your industry or in an industry you’re interested in. 

We understand how important feedback and recording progress is to goal setting. So we’ve built it into our systems. You’ll be able to update the milestones you passed and view it anytime you want. 

Let us help you develop and master your skills.

Here are three reasons why it’s critical to success. 


Self-development forces you to be uncomfortable and uneasy. And you can approach it in two different ways. One you can shy away from the challenge and get stuck in the same place, doing the same old routine. OR accept the challenge, see yourself grow and develop new routines. 

These new experiences help develop your growth mindset. Instead of fearing challenges that come your way, you learn to view it as valuable lessons. Then, these lessons will help you form good habits like goal setting, productivity and organization. (other examples of personal development skills) 


As you develop your mindset, you become aware that new challenges come with a new set of problems. Sometimes, these problems can result in failures and struggles. But that’s okay. You need failure to know what success feels like. With every setback, you’re building resiliency and toughness. Your resilience is what will help bounce back up after defeat. 


It’s an amazing feeling to know that you’ve accomplished your goals. Once you know how success feels, you’ll seek out more of those opportunities. The more skills you add to your arsenal, the more flexible and receptive you are to change. 


If you're confident in yourself and your decisions, that energy is contagious. Others are more likely to follow in your footsteps. Your confidence and positivity can motivate the people around you to reach for their own goals. 

These are just some of the reasons why personal development is important to success and how it’s beneficial to both your professional and personal growth. Share these tips with your friends, family and co-workers to get them started on their self-improvement journey.

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