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Top 10 Workshops to do in Vancouver

I can’t believe spring break is just around the corner. I’m still processing how the world ran out of toilet paper last March. Just because we can’t travel right now, doesn’t mean spring break has to be boring. There are still a ton of fun activities happening in your neighborhoods that could some-what satisfy your travel bug. Here’s 10 workshops you could do in Vancouver.

Pasta Boy Peter’s Cooking Classes

Calling all pasta-lovers, this one for you. These Italian cooking class experiences are different from the others out there, you'll learn all about Italian cooking, its history and family traditions. Taught by Peter, a food and wine connoisseur, he’ll share his secrets on how to make the perfect bowl of pasta. All the ingredients and equipment are supplied and taste testing is must! Their classes and events fill up months in advance, so book now before they sell out.

The Good Chocolatier

After making and eating all that pasta goodness, it’s definitely time to eat some dessert. So head on over to The Good Chocolatier for a chocolate making class. Here, you’ll experience all the steps of how to turn cocoa beans into chocolate. At the end, you get to keep not only one but two bars of chocolate! Now that’s something I would sign up for.

Claymates Ceramics Studios

I don’t know about you guys, but after that iconic scene from Ghost, trying out pottery has always been on top of my list. If you are on the same boat as me, check out Claymates! They offer wheel classes and hand building classes for all levels. Their classes are taught by two amazing women, Averee and Emily, to help you sculpt your ceramics.

The Cut Fashion Academy

Imagine how awesome it would be to create your own fashion line. But before you bring your designs to life, you have to learn how to sew. In this two-week sewing bootcamp, you’ll learn all about the basics around drafting, sourcing fabrics and creating samples.

And you get to work with renowned fashion entrepreneur Liza Deyrmenjian! She’ll tell you all the tips and tricks you need to know about in the industry and how to stand out! By the end of this workshop, maybe you’ll be the next Vera Wang showcasing your designs at New York Fashion week.


DIY projects are all the hype now. Soigne has over 30 classes from diy facial scrubs to diy candle making. It’s actually quite easy to create and design your own candles. All you need is a couple of ingredients like wax, wicks and fragrances. Then watch the magic happen. So, instead of buying those 3-wick candles from Bath and Body Work, just make it!

Lily Yuan Art Studio

At this studio, you’ll be able to nurture your creativity with their paint classes. Each class is taught by Lily Yuan, a professional illustrator who specializes in creating beautiful, imaginative watercolours for children's books.They offer artistic workshops for both children and adults.

Taka Sushi Rolling

Yes, I’m telling you about another food workshop, cause food is life. And this one is completely different. In this food workshop, you’ll learn all about sushi and the importance of sustainability when it comes to seafood choices. Of course, you’ll also learn how to make your own nigiri and box sushi.


MakerLabs is a communal working space that promotes product-making. Their studio is built around a wood shop, metal shop, CNC router table, laser cutters, sewing machines, and an electronics area. With their readily available tools, you’ll learn in-depth application of 3D-printing, embroidery and more.


This contemporary movement studio combines meditation and fitness into a blissful escape from the real world. Their judgement-free zone was created to help you feel good in your own skin.


This family-owned boutique offers prenatal, postnatal, kids and adult yoga classes. You will feel euphoric and relaxed in a room filled with positive vibes while exploring new poses and stretches.

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