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The story of how Clascity came to be

Today, we’re doing something a little different from our regular content. We’ll be introducing the CEO of Clascity, Caleb Lai. We’ll be sharing everything, okay not everything, about him. So let’s get started.

Who is Caleb Lai

Caleb grew up in Hong Kong and immigrated to Canada in 2012. Aside from being the CEO of Clascity, he’s also a product designer for other small to medium businesses. In more familiar terms, UX/IX designer. If you don’t know already, a product designer is responsible for user experience of a product.

Clascity isn’t the only business he founded. He’s also the co-owner of Alphaio, a start-up created to help other start-ups create better customer experiences through web and interface design. On top of that, he’s a YouTuber, sharing his tips and tricks about freelancing and product design. He’s definitely a busy guy.

Why did he start Clascity

As a previous swimming instructor, he understands the struggles of teaching and the skills gaps across industries. Many people have tremendous talents in one area but lack talents in another. He sees the value of skill sharing and how it can improve society. So Clascity was born, to build a space for people to share their talents and skills, regardless of the industry you’re in.  

Fun Facts about Caleb

So when he’s not working, he enjoys long drives and road trips. A few of his favourites includes trips to Iceland, Australia, US and of course Canada. But his all-time favourite place to visit is Japan. Can you guess what his favourite food is? If you guessed Ramen, you are correct! And you can never go wrong with a delicious bowl of Ramen.

What are some tips for people who are starting their own business?

“I think it’s very important to be observant. Pay attention to the things around you. Whenever you hear a complaint, that’s your opportunity to fix something. There are only two paths in your career, you either chase your own dream or help other people chase theirs.

If you want to learn more tips on how to start your own business and how to be a UX/IX designer check out his videos here.

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