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The 15 most wanted skills to get a job

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Education is constantly changing. In this day and age, filled with easily accessible technology, knowledge can be obtained anywhere. We used to hear learning, and imagine a classroom surrounded by a chalkboard, but now, that image is changing. Instead of going directly to schools, you can now access classes right under your fingertips! 

There are plenty of options when it comes to learning. Some of these options include; learning online, and through a mentor. These options are not only easily accessible, but they may save you precious time and money. 

Jobs in 2019 require skills that can be taught anywhere. Listed below are 15 of the most wanted skills to get a job in 2019!

Computer Graphics

If you've watched any pixar movies, and wondered how they were created, then computer graphics is definitely a skill to pick up! This interactive skill combines creativity and ingenuity allowing you to create 3D arts like building models of products, cars, logos, and more!

Industrial Design

When you are out on the street, you may notice that design trends are quickly changing. Everything from storefront to furniture design is becoming more minimalistic. If you want to join the revolution, industrial design is definitely the skill to pick!


Being able to write about what you enjoy and are passionate about, is a dream come true. Journalism allows you to explore creative and technical ways to write about anything under the sun! If you want to make an impact by writing about real world things, definitely look into journalism!


We live in a very diverse world, filled with hundreds of languages. Companies are going global, and even in local businesses, bilingual workers are being chosen! Translators are needed worldwide! If you’ve always wanted to learn a new language, this is the perfect time do so! Pick up a new language and gain a skill perfect for finding a job!

UX Design

In a world filled technology, you may be a perfect fit to learn the skill of UX design. If you love problem solving using technology and helping others, this is great for you. UX design incorporates customer service and technology design in order to create products that are easier to use and more reliable for customers, like you!

Sales Leadership

We’ve all been through this before. Walking around the mall and you are stopped by a sales representative, the product looks okay but you are not sure if it’s what you want. After a five minute demonstration filled with award-winning persuasion, you are walking home with a deluxe hair product that you didn’t know you needed. Wouldn’t it be great to have this sales leadership skill?

Technical and Professional Writing

As kids in school, most of us loathed writing. But it is an important skill to have in life! Companies are always on the look-out for potential workers that can write a proper email. If you have a love for writing and presenting information, it is recommended to learn how to produce technical and professional writing!

Artificial Intelligence

It is no secret that A.I is taking over the world! So why not learn the skill? Artificial Intelligence is everywhere and only growing. Most kids dream of a future filled with holograms and programs, become a part of it, make your dream come true! 

Social Media Marketing

Nearly every single one of us have some sort of social media. There are tons out there, including, facebook, instagram, twitter, and snapchat. We have all seen those ads on social media pop-up that have turned out heads. What about the accounts who reply to comments in a brilliant way? Social Media Marketing is not only fun and interesting, but it is also a highly sought out skill!

Applications Development

Once again, another skill incorporating technology is on this list. Right now, you may have noticed, that there are apps for EVERYTHING. Lot’s of businesses, even small family owned ones, have started creating their own applications for their customers! You may even have one of these apps downloaded on your phone. If you are curious about the process of creating and coding an app, don’t hesitate to choose this skill!

Customer Service Systems

Although technology plays a large role in business growth, customer service is key with everything! We have all had a bad experience dealing with either customer service desks or representatives on the phone. Wouldn’t you like to change this experience by becoming a customer service systems worker? With this elaborate skill you could be helping many companies grow!

Data Science

Some of us in this world love math! Problem solving using statistics can be exciting as it helps business owners, both big and small, understand their company better. Data Science as a skill is a great one to have for you, if you enjoy taking in numbers and producing ideas from these numbers.


You are never too old to enjoy animated movies. Large production companies such as; paramount, dreamworks and pixar are always looking for animators with great skills! If you are fascinated with art styles and the way they can come to life, definitely look into having animation as a core skill!

Business Analysis

We all at one point in our lives thought about running a business. While running a business may sound interesting, you may find the behind the scenes even more intriguing. Behind every amazing business and company is a wonderful employee analyzing data and statistics to improve the business, this could be you!

Cloud Computing

Google Drive is amazing! You can store pictures, documents, and audio files that will forever live in the ‘cloud’. If you have ever thought about how cloud computing works, it’s time to learn it as a new skill! This great and technology driven skill will help you gain new jobs starting as soon as this year!

Learning a new skill is always a fun thing. Not only are you learning a new skill to get a job , but you can also take the skill you’ve learned and teach others! If you’re a student, you may be able to find a great mentor on Clascity. And if you are an expert, don’t be afraid to spread that knowledge! Start teaching with Clascity today.

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